Canteen Rosters – Womens Games

 2020/21 Roster to come soon

Coordinate with your partner so that the correct amount of food is purchased.
See the instructions page if you are unsure what to do or purchase
Shift Starts at 12pm, Shift ends at 6:30pm unless otherwise specified.
If you are unable to do your assigned shift swap with someone else at the club.
Failure to turn up for your assigned duty or not doing a complete job will result in being benched.
If you are unsure of anything or just need to ask a question contact Mandi 0414 182 058

Date Games
5 Dec Div 1, 2 & 3 Rydge Hogan, Max Chew Matt Cameron
19 Dec Div 1 & 3 Morgan Staley Ben Cooen
16 Jan Div 3 (1pm) Luke Martin
23 Jan Div 1 & 2 Lucas Anderson Adam Thatcher
30 Jan Div 3 (1pm) M Wearne
6 Feb Div 1 & 2 B Rosewall D Rosewall
13 Feb Div 3 (1pm) Myles Barnden
20 Feb Div 1 & 2 Martin Contessotto James DiGiovambattista
6 March Div 1, 2 & 3 James Brake, Dave Stenhouse Nick Shearn
13 March Finals (If Required) S Baillie, B Birchall M Ando, R Ando
20 March Finals (If Required) M Richards, N Cavanagh T Makin, R Kirby