Canteen & Umpiring Rosters – Junior Games

2017-18 Roster

  • See the instructions page if you are unsure what to do or purchase
  • Canteen Shift Starts at 8:30am, Shift ends at 11:30pm (use common sense if you are playing away and have to leave)
  • If you are umpiring please arrive no later than 8:45am. Please
    try and help out the canteen when you are done.
  • If you are unable to do your assigned shift swap with someone
    else at the club.
  • Failure to turn up for your assigned duty or not doing a complete
    job will result in being benched.
  • If you are unsure of anything or just need to ask a question contact Mandi 0414 182 058   or Brandon  0405 678 839


Date Games Canteen Umpire Umpire Umpire
29 Oct U12 S Wainwright T Kirby
26 Nov U12 N Shearn S Smith
10 Dec U12, U14, U16 M Sissing G Lacey D Dicker D McLean
17 Dec U12, U16 B Rosewall D Rosewall M Anderton
4 Feb U12 A Thatcher S Baillie