Seniors Firsts Game Reports

Springvale 12 defeated Bonbeach 7

This was a tight game over the opening innings.
While Springvale had three hits in the first inning, it was an error on the lead-off batter, and a wild pitch, which put its first run over the plate. Bonbeach did not have a hit until the fourth – and then it was a running bunt that bogged the infielders in confusion. While this lead runner was out on the next play, Springvale could not complete the double, and two wild pitches from the usually reliable Lucas Anderson put the runner on 3rd, allowing him to score from Bonbeach’s second hit of the day.
In the next inning, Bonbeach hit the lead, when an errant throw from the catcher on a runner stealing 3rd guaranteed Bonbeach its only time in the lead for the game.
This lead was snatched back in the bottom of the frame, when Springvale’s big hitters took to Daniel Conway-Jones. After a ground out on Joel Stubbs, Adam Thatcher and Lucas Anderson singled. When Rydge Hogan doubled to left-field, two runs scored, and another two hits in the inning, from Steve Hughes and Neal Cavanagh, gave Springvale a two run buffer.
Bonbeach paid for underestimating the Springvale outfield, when left-fielder Chris Davies set off for a long fly ball. Taking it cleanly, he turned to find that the runner had sped off from 2nd and was rounding 3rd, with no way back before the ball was returned.
And the Springvale bats continued to fire. After a lead-off walk to Ryan Kirby, Joel Stubbs singled, Max Chew took an HPB, and Lucas Anderson’s walk put a run over the plate. Rydge Hogan was able to sacrifice fly, and then Matt Cameron’s long double to centre-field scored two. Conway-Jones was struggling and two wild pitches to the next batter saw Cameron cross the plate, putting Steve Hughes ahead of the count before he, too, was walked. A double to Cavanagh scored yet another run, and forced a change in the pitcher, with Ben Donald seeing off the inning.
Joel Stubbs finished his two innings in relief with only one unearned run against his name – again the infield failed to work in sync, undecided whether to attempt an out on the double steal, or cut off the ball.
Rydge Hogan came to the mound for the last two innings of the game, and seemed out of sorts, giving up a double to his first batter faced. After a pop-up to Steve Hughes at 1st , Hogan gave up two walks. And then, again, the infield was perplexed by the bunt, and so a single base hit to the pitcher also recorded an RBI. Hogan came back with the two strike-outs to close the inning, and the run was countered when Springvale scored two.
Hogan’s mishaps continued in the ninth. After a simple ground ball for the first out, Hogan struck out the next batter, only for the ball to plonk through the catcher, allowing the K-ed batter to reach 1st.
Bonbeach managed to score three for the inning, but they were consolation runs, with Springvale taking out the game.
Matt Cameron was the leading hitter for the day, with two singles and a double. Neal Cavangh and Rydge Hogan each had a double and a single. Lucas Anderson and Steve Hughes had two singles, and Adam Thatcher and Joel Stubbs also recorded hits.
THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: “If you saw a heat wave, would you wave back?” [STEVE WRIGHT]