Non playing members

We recently received the following email from Baseball Victoria.

Dear Presidents and Secretaries,

I am seeking your support in encouraging our non-playing members to register in the BV/SportsTG system. We also want to identify those members that wear more than one hat at your club.

A benefit to clubs, as was highlighted at the recent SportsTG training sessions, is that it allows clubs to collect club fees and you are able to send out bulk emails to registered members through the system.

This can be filtered to specific groups and is another great way to keep your members updated with what’s happening around the club or if there is a late change to the weeks activities/games.

From a BA/BV perspective, capturing accurate data on the number of people participating in our sport at all levels is critical to government funding of the sport.

As Miranda mentioned if we had a mere 8000 more participants (playing, non-playing, club volunteers) across Australia at the last Australian Sports Commission review Baseball would not have been downgraded as a sport and had its funding reduced.

I’m sure we have at least 8000, volunteers club helpers across the country and I am sure we would all love to see more finding for our sport.

We need to do our part by registering everyone. Like other sports we need to capture everyone that is involved with our sport no matter how small their involvement may be.

Of course there is also the issue of insurance and it is much easier for us to identify and endorse a claim, if the person is registered on our system, this could avoid unnecessary delays in processing an application.

As we head into a new registration year and the upcoming Summer season, please ensure all your playing members are registered including juniors and t-ballers and ask all non-playing members to register too.

The categories are: (you can select more than one)

  • Player
  • Coach
  • Umpire
  • Scorer
  • Official
  • Volunteer

To register, they log in as a player would and enter their details. Then one of the questions asks ‘Which member types are you registering as?’

People can select from the above options which one is applicable to them.

Only a player member type has fees attached, there is no BA or BV fee for non-playing members .

If everyone involved with the club could please register it would be appreciated.  You can follow the same instructions as for paying fees located here, just do not choose player if you are not playing and do not wish to pay the BV/BA fees.