Club Policies

Springvale Lions Baseball Club (SLBC) Policies

SLBC Code of Conduct

SLBC Social Media Policy

SLBC Safe Transport Policy

SLBC Smoke Free Policy

SLBC WiFi/Internet Policy

SLBC Good Sports Policy

All club members, officials and spectators should read and be familiar with all policies, if there any queries, please speak to a member of the club committee for clarification.  All members are asked to abide by both policies and what is included in them.  As part of your commitment to playing at the club comes with it the responsibility to respect yourself and those around you when it comes to enjoying the great game of baseball.

The club is committed to providing a fun, fair, safe and inclusive environment for all of those involved in the game – whether that be from our club, another club, supporters or officials.

For any more information, or with queries, please contact the club on the following email address: