Seniors Seconds Game Reports

Williamston 7 defeated Springvale 0
While Williamstown’s pitcher threw a perfect game, Amanda Torrington is to be commended for her performance on the mound for Springvale. Torrington threw the complete game for 157 pitches,
giving up only two earned runs, and striking out six of the  Williamstown hitters, including, as she ticked over the 150 pitches, the last two batters of the game. Well done, Amanda!

Springvale 0 were defeated by Newport 13
Teenager Adam Harris performed creditably, giving up only the one earned run in his four innings.
But Springvale’s fielding was wobbly, and the five errors made through the day cost the team eight runs and any chance to be competitive. This started early when Newport’s first batter for the game scooped up a simple fly ball to right-field which dribbled out of the right-fielder’s glove. Discomposed, Harris walked the next two batters to load the bases, and a sacrifice fly saw the first run of the game over the plate. But Naoki Lui, Ben Rosewall and Matthew Cameron put together a double play to block further scoring.
Similarly, in the second, poor fielding proved costly. Newport’s Jake Vanderlinde had opened with a single, but Adam Harris picked him off successfully for the first out. There should have been the second out on the next play, but an infield error put a runner on, and there was some strong hitting from Newport. Harris had his first strike-out of the day and was involved in the final out also. Harris followed with two scoreless innings from here, picking up three further Ks. But Springvale, too, were scoreless, despite hits to Mark Richards and Kelly Manzie.
Michael Wearne came on to relieve Harris in the fifth. Proving that will-power is not enough for a pitcher to quell a batting line-up, Wearne gave up seven hits for the innings, and eight runs. But only four of those were earned, and he did manage to strike out Stephen Pengelly. And after that blow-out inning, Wearne did contain the Newport batters. There were no further hits in the last two innings, the only base-runner coming from another error, and Pengelly was struck out as Newport’s last batter.
Springvale’s batting was led by Mark Richards who batted 1000 with three from three. Kelly Manzie, Adam Harris, and Michael Wearne each had single hits.

Newport 8 defeated Springvale 1
With younger players seemingly unable to pitch, the antediluvian will-powered arm machine cranks on. Given that, this was an acceptably competitive game, with Springvale batting brightly and fielding neatly, limiting the damage and keeping Newport scoreless in three out of the seven innings.
Newport scored three of its eight runs in the first inning, able to capitalise on an opening hit with a sacrifice fly. With late runners on, a wild throw from shortstop proved costly, scoring two. Springvale scored its run in the third, with four consecutive hits yielding the one run. But three runners were stranded, which happened again in the final inning. Overall, Springvale left on twelve runners in its eight innings, so the score might have been more attractive.
Newport continued to hit in the second, and batted intelligently with a sacrifice bunt and fly meaning it had five of its runs after two innings. From then, it was more of a struggle. Springvale made no further errors, and the hits were more scattered. Ben Rosewall, Naoki Lui and Rydge Hogan completed a neat double play in the third, before Naoki Lui snaffled a line drive for the third out.
Wearne put the ball past the batter for a strike-out in the fifth. Although Wearne opened the seventh with three hits and two runs, Lui fielded three ground balls cleanly to cut off any further scoring. Springvale might have scored in reply when, from one down, Wearne hit a single to be followed by Brandon Mize, with a welcome return to the hitter’s list. From two down, an infield error loaded the bases, but Springvale could not record a consolation run.
Adam Harris led the hitters with two. Mark Anderton, Adam Thatcher, Michael Wearne, Brandon Mize and Naoki Lui each had a hit and Ben Rosewall’s single contributed our RBI.

Cheltenham 10 defeated Springvale 0
Michael Wearne ticked over 300 pitches for the week at 2:51 yesterday, but gave up only three earned runs in Cheltenham’s neat victory.
Springvale struggled to get runners on base in this game, with Cheltenham’s pitchers accumulating eight strike-outs in the eight innings, and giving up no walks, so that even with one hit more than last week, Springvale scored eleven runs less.
Wearne, too, was hard to score from in the first few innings. He retired the batters in order in the first, then gave up three hits, with two doubles in the second to give up his first earned run. In the third, a lead-off fly ball popped out of the outfielder’s glove to give Cheltenham a runner. Amanda Torrington then made two plays at 1st, the second holding on to a difficult scoop to have Cheltenham two down, before a single scored the run. Again, Wearne had three up three down in the fourth. In the fifth, a more difficult muffed fly in the infield opened the innings. There were plenty of hits from there on, but another infield error saw six of the seven runs recorded as unearned. Wearne held out the Cheltenham hitters for another two innings, outfielders Michael Sissing and Adam Thatcher catching well, and Ben Rosewall taking a nice line drive at 2nd.
In the eighth, and approaching his 300th pitch for the week, Wearne tired, and gave up three singles for the tenth game-ending run.
Hits for the day went to Mark Anderton, Adam Thatcher and Amanda Torrington.

Springvale 11 defeated Bonbeach 2
For the second week in a row, veteran Springvale pitcher Michael Wearne has recorded a strong win against a junior-dominated Bonbeach Seconds. Last week, Wearne had seven strike-outs as he bamboozled the young hitters, while giving up three earned runs. With only two strike-outs this week, Bonbeach could not earn a run. Last week, Springvale had fourteen hits for its fifteen runs. This week, with only two hits, Springvale still scored eleven, with twelve walks, four HPBS, as well as eight wild pitches in the final inning.
The game did not start well for Springvale. Two muffed flies in the outfield were punctuated by a single base hit, then Wearne gave up an HPB to gift Bonbeach its first run. A sacrifice fly followed, and Bonbeach had scored its first two batters. But Springvale were able to strike back in the corresponding frame when Bonbeach pitcher Rohan Hector walked Kelly Manzie and Mark Anderton, who were scored by Matthew Cameron’s long hit to centre-field, Anderton running the three bases from 1st to negate Bonbeach’s lead.
And Bonbeach were unable to score again, with Springvale making no further errors. The score sat at two-all until the bottom of the fourth. Hector opened with two walks and an HPB. Brandon Mize scored when Anderton hit to shortstop, and then Ben Rosewall came in on the next double play. A further walk to Naoki Lui continued the inning. Lui stole second, and was scored when Adam Thatcher extended his good batting form from last week, singling to centre-field.
It seemed unlikely that Bonbeach would track back the lead, but it was the final frame of the day when the game really fell apart for the young team. Hector had been replaced by Kirby Randall. He not only walked the first four batters, he also advanced two of those runners around the bases entirely on wild pitches. Then a wild throw from 3rd saw Thatcher safe at 1st, and another run over the plate. Thatcher, too, would score on wild pitches, before Randall was replaced and Ronin Green saw out the three outs for the innings.
Hits for Springvale went to Matthew Cameron and Adam Thatcher.

Springvale 1 were defeated by Mulgrave 8
It was a dull day and a dull game, with Mulgrave scoring regularly from a steady stream of hits, while Springvale struggled to get runners on base.
The game was tighter early. Jamie Hafey-Bagg was welcomed back with a hard-hit ball into his chest, which he fielded strongly. His low throw was well taken by Matt Cameron at 1st , and the game was
off to a satisfying start. But Mulgrave scored its first run when, from two down, a single went out to left-field, where the ball was fumbled and went through, allowing the runner to cross the plate.
Springvale looked to answer in the bottom of the innings, with bases loaded and a nice hit to Cameron. But two strike-outs punctuated the inning, and these runners went to waste.
In contrast, Mulgrave managed to score from a similar situation in the second, with Hogan also sending down two walks and two strike-outs; but a timely hit saw another run added to Mulgrave’s
lead. Hogan held firm in the 3rd , despite two lucky infield hits. And Springvale manufactured a run in the fourth. Ben Rosewall opened with his second of three walks for the day, well-crafted as he fouled off the pitches that had bamboozled his fellow hitters. But he was out in a double play, and Springvale were again looking unlikely to score. Jamie-Hafey-Bagg’s pace put pressure on the pitcher as he fielded a ball hit back to him, and his wild throw put Hafey-Bagg on 2nd . Then Henry Beven hit strongly for a double to score Hafey-Bagg.
From this point on, there were lots of hits to Mulgrave off Hogan, then Michael Wearne – and none to Springvale, hence the lop-sided score-line.
On a tough day for our batters, Matt Cameron and Henry Beven recorded hits, with Beven achieving  our only RBI.

Mulgrave 13 defeated Springvale 9
Early errors were again costly for Springvale, despite a bright start to the game. Missing some regulars, with star recruit Tom Kirby in the line-up, and with uber-veteran Mark Anderton on the mound, the Lions were looking to be competitive.
And the team started well. Kelly Manzie was the lead-off batter for the game, and picked a walk. In the third spot, Naoki Lui was hit by a pitched ball, the first of five for the game. Henry Beven was patient in the batting box and was rewarded with another walk, while the second HPB of the inning, to Ben Bartlett, scored a run. Ryan Kirby looked more comfortable in his second game back, and his sacrifice fly scored another run. When Brandon Mize hit to centre, Beven advanced to 3rd , but with a fumble from the centre-fielder, was able to come home. Mize was caught stealing to close out the inning, but Springvale was looking comfortable.
Mulgrave scored from two down in the bottom of the first, with two hits before Mize took a catch in the outfield for the third out.
Springvale could not push runs over the plate in the second, despite further erratic pitching. Mulgrave loaded the bases in reply, with two walks and a hit to the opening three batters, before tying the score with a single. Anderton struck out Riley O’Shea, proving too cunning for the junior, before the first of the inning’s errors, a wildly wild throw from a groundball to 2nd , began to sap the momentum from the Lions. Beven played strongly, to field a ball at 3rd and get an out at the plate, but then two muffed flies in the outfield cost four runs and the lead in the game.
Mulgrave changed pitchers in the fourth, and Riley O’Shea offered something across the board – two strike-outs to open the inning, a walk, and then two hits to Anderton and Naoki Lui to score a further
run, with a strike-out to book-end the inning. One run was not much, though, when errors in the third had already added a further three runs to Mulgrave’s total.
We scored again in the fifth, Ben Bartlett opening with a double, and put across the plate when Michael Sissing dinked over 2nd base. Anderton continued to work stalwartly, and Mulgrave had to
earn the runs that dribbled through over the later innings, with batters retired in order in the sixth to punctuate his performance.
Like last week, Springvale surged late, and from two down. David Beaumont had been bought to pitch out the game, and with two walks and two HPBs, two runs were over the plate from two down
before Henry Beven’ single squeezed further value out of Beaumont’s inconsistent control.
Mark Anderton added two hits to his efforts on the mound. Henry Beven also had two hits. Naoki Lui, Ben Bartlett and Ryan Kirby each had a double-base hit, and Michael Sissing and Brandon Mize recorded singles.


Springvale 7 were defeated by Doncaster 10
Last week’s meritorious win over Doncaster was built from clean fielding. With eight errors this week, Springvale gave up the chance to sweep the two game series, but, with the score at 10-2 going into the bottom of the final innings, the come-back provided some enjoyable moments.
Rydge Hogan was unlucky to give up three hits to the opening three batters of the game, with bloopers dropping into unguarded field – a pattern for the rest of the game. Those three hits translated to two runs, one earned, one unearned, when Hogan struck back with three outs from the last three batters of the inning. While Springvale could not match the hits, we did pull back one run from no hits, an efficient effort once Kelly Manzie had been walked and balked to second. Matt Cameron’s sacrifice fly saw Manzie over the plate, and the game looked tight.
But Doncaster scored in too many innings from too many errors. Three errors for three runs in the second from only one hit wiped out Springvale’s modest gain. In the third, Hogan had two strike-outs, although a passed ball gave one of those fanned batters a life, handed back when he was easily
picked off by Hogan as he attempted to steal 3rd. Springvale, though, was failing to bat back into contention, with only two base-runners over five
innings, gifted from a HPB and a catcher’s interference. And Hogan had to contend with further errors, and gave up some of those hits that it seems unfair to have to record as hits. He was relieved in the sixth, with the margin at 8-1, having given up only two earned runs. Immediately, Michael
Wearne suffered similarly, a muffed outfield fly for two bases to his first batter was eventually scored on a double error to shortstop, before Wearne took matters into his own hands, bamboozling a hapless Doncaster batter for a strikeout, with two ground-outs for the next outs.
The field stayed clean in the seventh, for three up, three down, and Springvale put what should have been a tying run over the plate in the bottom of that frame. From two down, Rydge Hogan belted a double. Having given up his first hit for the game, Doncaster’s Tom Burgoine was relieved by teenager John Britton, Henry Beven promptly singled Britton to left-field, and the youngster then pitched wildly to put Hogan over the plate.
Doncaster managed another run from three hits in the eighth, but these were bookended by two further strike-outs to Wearne, so the damage was limited. Then the fun started. Manzie picked her second walk for the day, and Mark Anderton advanced her with his first hit. A strike-out punctuated the charge, but Naoki Lui was walked to load the bases. It seemed as if Wearne had hit into a dispiriting double play that would have finished off the game. But a poor throw from the infielder had the runner safe at 2nd, Wearne creeping his way to 1st, and three runs over the plate. Hogan backed up with another double base hit, to score a further run, and he himself was scored on Brandon Mize’s double, although Mize, dancing up and down the line, was lucky not to be out as he pushed to 3rd and back to 2nd . In fact, he won 3rd on a wild throw. But the errors ended there, as a fly-ball was taken for the last out.
Rydge Hogan led the hitting with his two doubles, and Brandon Mize also recorded a double. Single hits went to Mark Anderton and Henry Beven.

Doncaster 1 were defeated by Springvale 2
This tight game was won on solid pitching and neat fielding, with each team scoring in only one inning, but Springvale managing to pack most of its batting into the fifth to score that winning run.
Springvale had runners on in the first, the ball gently kissing Mark Anderton for yet another HPB and Matthew Cameron hitting hard back at the pitcher to record a single base hit. But Springvale could
not capitalise, and looked under threat when the swift running Doncaster lead-off beat out an infield hit, and then stole 2nd . Seduced by his own success, though, Branson Gibson set off for 3rd before Rydge Hogan had pitched the ball, and Hogan had a pitcher’s caught stealing for the first out, before striking out the next batter. A high fly ball at the plate was missed by both pitcher, catcher and 1st
base, but landed fair, and Kelly Manzie threw truly to Ben Rosewall who had covered the base.
Springvale had no base-runners in the second, and Doncaster scored when Hogan walked the lead- off, who was bunted round to 2nd . A short safe hit had the runner at 3rd , and a wild pitch put the first
run of the game over the plate. Hogan steadied for another strike-out, and the infield cleaned up the third out.
Frustratingly, Springvale managed to load the bases in the top of the third, with a couple of walks. Then an infield error on what should have been the third out put runners at each base, but Springvale did not make that error pay, failing to score. Doncaster, too, had chances in the third, but Branson Gibson was again caught stealing at third, chancing himself against Manzie’s arm and coming up well short.
Ben Rosewall led off with a flat hit to left-field in the fourth, but, again, Springvale could not take advantage of another two-out infield error. It seemed as if Doncaster would make the most of its
chances. Jed Bastian picked a walk from one down, and stole 2nd . Hogan came back with his fourth strike-out for the day, but a short ball into centre-field seemed well out of the reach of Adam Thatcher and likely to score another run. Thatcher pelted in and pinched the ball in the webbing of the glove just above the ground in what proved to be a game-saving flyball.
Because the next inning was Springvale’s best. Mark Anderton opened with his second walk of the day, and Matthew Cameron hit truly to centre-field. Scott Baillie’s long ball into the right-field corner scored the tying run, and Ben Rosewall was able to put Springvale ahead with his second hit for the day.
Scott Baillie relieved Hogan in the fifth, and his six strike-outs in three innings proved telling, especially in the bottom of the seventh, the final inning of the game. After an infield hit, Baillie K’d the next batter. But the runner stole, and was advanced to 3rd on a single base hit, Brandon Mize keeping the ball in front and ensuring the tying run did not come across. Baillie then dispatched the next two batters with crafty strike-outs, and the hard-fought game was ours.
Matthew Cameron and Ben Rosewall each had two hits. Scott Baillie had our only multiple base hit, to go with his win and six strike-outs, and Naoki Lui contributed a hit.

Malvern 10 defeated Springvale 6
Springvale scored heavily in one inning, but Malvern scored steadily in every innings to take out this game comfortably.
Springvale scattered hits over the first three innings, but it was only in the fourth that they had a real chance to score. Reiko Abe had come in for Rowan Hall, and was lucky to reach 1 st base when the
pitcher failed to catch a simple pop-up near the mound. Lucas Price hit the ball hard to 1 st base and was rewarded with a single base hit. After a flyball, Anna Kimbrel picked a walk and it was bases
loaded. When a wild pitch went through the catcher, Abe set off for home, but the back net is short at Malvern and she was out at the plate. With a strike out for the third out, no run scored.
By the end of the fourth, Malvern were six-nil up. Strong hitting and stolen bases in the first inning allowed Malvern to score two, and a dropped fly in the outfield added a further run. Scoring was more restricted in each of the next three innings. Michael Wearne walked the lead-off in the second, his only walk so far for the year, and a couple of singles saw that run over the plate. In the third, Aaron Haynes opened with a triple, and the following single base hit scored the run, before Wearne rallied, and finished the inning off with two strike outs. Malvern scored from two down in the fourth, with a string of three hits before Kelly Manzie made a fine play at shortstop, shooting the ball over for the out.
After the top of the fifth inning, scores were level at six-all. Brandon Mize led off with a walk, but was out when he had to hold up in case what should have been a nice hit from Wearne did not lift far enough over 2 nd . It did, but Mize was unable to make 2 nd on time and Wearne missed out on his hit. His luck turned on the next play, when the 2 nd baseman chose to go for the lead runner, not unreasonable with the veteran making for the base. The throw went wild, and this set off a string of disastrous errors for Malvern. Mark Anderton singled to load the bases, and then the 1 st baseman dropped a throw from shortstop to allow the first of the unearned runs to cross the plate. Price smashed the ball back at the pitcher for another infield hit, scoring Manzie. A walk to Ben Rosewall loaded the bases again, before a wild throw from the 3 rd baseman sent batter Kimbrel to 2 nd and put another two runs over the plate. Adam Thatcher then singled, scoring a further two runs, in all six
unearned runs for the inning.
The score wasn’t tied for long, as Malvern recorded four hits in the fifth to score three runs, with Anna Kimbrel throwing out another stealing runner for the third out. Malvern scored again in their
last batting inning, with three hits, before Wearne finished out his game with a strike out. While Springvale had base-runners over the last two innings, they could not score, punctuating the blank
spaces in the book with that spine of red runs in the fifth.
Lucas Price had two hits for the day. Anna Kimbrel recorded her first hit in the men’s, and Mark Anderton, Rowan Hall, Adam Thatcher, Brandon Mize and Michael Wearne each had a single hit.

Springvale 1 were defeated by Malvern 7

The “silver fox”, uber-veteran Michael Wearne took the mound on Sunday. Difficult to believe that Wearne could have a “first time” in baseball, but for the first time he was throwing to a Team USA
catcher, Anna Kimbrel.
If Kimbrel felt some impatience waiting for the ball to reach her, she didn’t show it, and her throws were on the money every time. But despite Wearne’s eight strike-outs, Malvern scored enough over the later innings and Springvale scored too little.
Wearne kept Malvern scoreless over two innings, and it was Springvale in the lead at the end of the second innings, after the returning Lucas Price doubled to lead off, and eventually scored from a two-down infield error. Malvern levelled though, Chris Godfrey’s triple immediately converted with a single, before Kimbrel had her first caught stealing in the Lions colours.
Springvale managed base-runners in every innings from then on, but was profligate with its chances. And Malvern were cleaner in the field, too. A steady spread of hits was supplemented by infield
errors in both the fifth and the seventh, allowing Malvern to pull grindingly ahead. Springvale had bases loaded in the fifth, but a double play shut down the inning. Ben Rosewall’s best hit for the day
came with two runners on and two down in the sixth, but the line drive was well caught by the shortstop. After Kimbrel walked to lead-off the sixth, Ben Bartlett bunted her over, and then Paul Decker took a HPB. Michael Wearne singled to load the bases with only one down, but an out at the plate on the next ground ball and a fly ball meant another scoreless innings.
Rowan Hall led off the seventh with a double, but he was not backed up. Even in the final inning of the game, after two strike-outs, Springvale loaded the bases, only to fail to score again. Springvale’s hits were too spaced out to translate into scores, giving Malvern a simple victory.
Michael Wearne had three hits to go with his eight strike-outs, and Rowan Hall, Lucas Price and Paul Decker each recorded a hit.